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February Themes: Love and Stones 
1st-Feb-2010 10:54 pm

I compiled all the different comments of how to make this comm better and it seems the best way is with monthly themes and discussion topics. I really want to use the bannerhead that is in EGL to do this buuuuuuuut until I figure this out (or someone be so kind to tell me), I'll have to figure out a way to keep this up top. Expect changes ^.^

February's month theme is Stones. Runes, crystals, whatever may involve solid pieces of earth (Bone counts too). Talk about your casting methods, the different kind of stones or crystals that you may have and what the may be used for. If there are strong rune readers, you can discuss the use of the Blank rune stone and if it is relevant or not to rune readings. You could also discuss what different mediums are good for runes such as bone, metal or wood.

In addition to the Stone theme, the discussion topic of this month (Tho you don't have to adhere to it) is: Love readings

Do you do love readings and if so, for whom? It seems a lot of people ask for them so how do you go about it or what do you tell them if you don't? Also how do you break the bad news if there is any? 

My view on love readings to start the discussion: I get asked for them a lot (a lot more than I would like or expect, tbh) and actually, I consult the person first about their love lives to see why would they want a reading because not all the cards, rocks and psychics in the world can show you what you want to see if it ain't there. I have found that I only needed to just talk with the person who is asking for the reading because often times they're just feeling down. If someone asks me to do a reading on their relationship, I'm a little more ok with it because it makes for useful insight but still I ask a billion and five questions either before or after, depending on the reading and person. I will refuse a reading if the person doesn't seem fit for a relationship and tell them just that and why. As for bad news, I just try to break it gently if I can but they're gonna have to deal with it. I go by the rule "if you don't want the truth, don't ask" 

Speaking of Love Readings, would any of you like to do another EGL-wide reading like we did for Halloween? It was really successful and I think people may like free love readings. The rules won't change at all: You tell me through comment or PM what divination that you do, how many people you're willing to take and we go at this for a week. How about it?

2nd-Feb-2010 09:36 pm (UTC)
Oh I actually love doing love readings! They are super popular, so I have done a lot for various friends (sometimes for myself but not so much) and they feel familiar and easy to do. I totally believe in your rule, you shouldnt be asking if you just want to hear what you want to hear. Of course it can be uncomfortable delivering bad news, but Im a straightforward person. You can usually throw in things like, how to use the relationship (or lack thereof) as an experience to learn and grow, or how to appreciate it for what it is even if its not what they wanted it to be. I never hesitate to do love readings, because every one Ive ever done the querent did find it helpful in the long run even if it disappointed them initially.

About the EGL readings, I want to, but with school Im having some time management issues and Im hesitant to commit. I do really want to, I just dont want to end up flaking. But maybe I could take on just a few, if there is a demand.
3rd-Feb-2010 02:32 am (UTC)
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