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Dead Wrong 
8th-Feb-2010 06:49 pm
Beautiful mask
If you been a diviner for a while or even starting out, chances are you've been wrong before. Either a little wrong on a reading or just waaay left field and a nation over. It's really embarrassing and you may even think you look like a phony. How do you recover? Do you tell the person that you've had a long day so your readings will be off or do you stare blankly at your own mistake, demanding to do another reading for the person?
10th-Feb-2010 07:04 pm (UTC) - Chalk it up to Congested Energy Flow
The body/mind/spirit gives off and receives energy freely and while psychics and empaths are able to tune into this energy to 'see' bits and pieces of information our other senses cannot pick up, the flow of energy can become both congested and/or lost.

Suddenly the information being received by the intuitive is coming from a heaving mass of crammed and crowded sources. Picture if you will an expressway halted to a stop by a traffic jam -- the noise of the impatient engines, the blaring of horns, the shouts from various windows, the tension.

Now imagine trying to locate a single passenger within the pack. RIGHT!!! Doubtful.

Keeping with our vehicle scenario, imagine you are tracking a white vehicle from the skies (a bird's eye view) above a large forest -- it speeds along curves and skirts around groupings of trees and suddenly it banks into a valley where the roads are covered by a canopy of branches and leaves. You can no longer see it. A few miles down the road a white vehicle emerges from a twisting web of roads that was blocked by the tree tops.

Is it the same white car? You can't be sure, can you? The information from energies can get lost or mistaken in just such a way at times too.

Best to just apologize for the mistaken energy and offer to read them another time. May I ask how you read people? Tarot? Or just by visions or thoughts you receive? Just curious.
13th-Feb-2010 01:26 am (UTC) - Re: Chalk it up to Congested Energy Flow
I read people either through inutition or physical forms of divination such as tarot or palmistry. That's a good analogy tho.
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