Love stuff for EGL

Valentine is around the bend and I'm just taking the last votes up for Valentines Day readings for EGL if anyone is interested. If you are, just comment to show it. The rules will be same as last time, it's going to be a week long for everyone to get their folks and you choose how many people you read for and with what style (tarot, tea leaves, etc).

As you can see, I've made changes to the comm and I'll try my best to keep putting up monthly themes however we've been pretty dead here this month. If you can, put in your input about that. I really want this comm to be successful for everyone.
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Dead Wrong

If you been a diviner for a while or even starting out, chances are you've been wrong before. Either a little wrong on a reading or just waaay left field and a nation over. It's really embarrassing and you may even think you look like a phony. How do you recover? Do you tell the person that you've had a long day so your readings will be off or do you stare blankly at your own mistake, demanding to do another reading for the person?

February Themes: Love and Stones

I compiled all the different comments of how to make this comm better and it seems the best way is with monthly themes and discussion topics. I really want to use the bannerhead that is in EGL to do this buuuuuuuut until I figure this out (or someone be so kind to tell me), I'll have to figure out a way to keep this up top. Expect changes ^.^

February's month theme is Stones. Runes, crystals, whatever may involve solid pieces of earth (Bone counts too). Talk about your casting methods, the different kind of stones or crystals that you may have and what the may be used for. If there are strong rune readers, you can discuss the use of the Blank rune stone and if it is relevant or not to rune readings. You could also discuss what different mediums are good for runes such as bone, metal or wood.

In addition to the Stone theme, the discussion topic of this month (Tho you don't have to adhere to it) is: Love readings

Do you do love readings and if so, for whom? It seems a lot of people ask for them so how do you go about it or what do you tell them if you don't? Also how do you break the bad news if there is any? 

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Speaking of Love Readings, would any of you like to do another EGL-wide reading like we did for Halloween? It was really successful and I think people may like free love readings. The rules won't change at all: You tell me through comment or PM what divination that you do, how many people you're willing to take and we go at this for a week. How about it?

Spreads and tarot

What spreads do you guys use? What about decks? Are there any decks or spreads that you would like to use or learn?

I have about two tarot decks but the one I use only is the Revelations Tarot deck, which is really nice. Otherwise, it's just cartomancy for me. The spreads I do are really simple, they use up to either 9 cards or 15.

What do you use? Also what do you think this comm could do to improve?

Dreams, post em here

Everybody has 'em and I wanna pump some life back into this comm. Everyone post your dreams here. Weird dreams, nightmares/night terrors, good dreams, any dreams. If ppl can interpret them, go for it, I know I will.

Annnnnnd to start, I'll be first

I had a dream a week or so back where Sarah Palin was working at my job. She was replacing the sweet, white-haired co-worker that I have in real life. I had came into work late (as usual, in my dream), trying to cook up another good excuse why I was late when I saw Palin there hauling a huge dark milkcrate filled with papers and envelopes that was obviously heavy, judging from the thud when she put it on the table by the wall and her strained expression as she was carrying it. I work in the back of my university's library doing holds and my co-worker does HR and Reserves, lots of heavy books and paper lifting. Palin was practically trying to be the June Cleaver of the year, asking if we all needed anything (my work area also doubled as the library workers' lunch room) and trying to dote on everyone, including me. The whole time I was wondering why she was here, what happened to my co-worker and she must have lost her ever-lovin mind if she thinks this is gonna get her presidency. That's all I remember of the dream but I admit it was pretty odd.

So many changes, so little time

I don't want Lolita_Diviners turning into astrology central but I'm gonna tack on with just a leeeettle bit more. Since Jupiter is about to change again, it is worth mentioning.

Jupiter stays in a zodiac sign for a year, the six month retrograde included. It's the planet of business and expansion and in a natal chart, it's how an astrologer can tell how you spend and manage your money (and a planet to look at for what career it would be best for you to pursue). It runs the zodiac of Sag and Pisces (sharing Pisces with Neptune). The biggest planet in the solar system (besides the sun), it has a lot of effect and I keep my eye on it for economical stuff.

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As for Lolita_Diviners, I really do hope to have more frequent EGL readings (not too frequent tho as we all have lives) and make this community more of a success. If anyone has any suggestions of discussion topics or how to make this place better, comment here and lemme know. I, for one, want to diversify the topics past astrology and tarot. People should talk more about their personal experiences here, compare and contrast, things like that. Being a diviner is a lot more than just reading a book but actually living life. I remember there was a small discussion about clarvoyance here a while back, lets have more of that as well, it was awesome in my opinion. That and make this comm. more open to people who wants to have readings. And books. More books for the booklist for those who want to learn this stuff themselves.

To Speak or Not to Speak?

One thing that I have found being in divination that I think others who have been in it for a while have come across that one reading: The reading where you're held on edge about being outrightly honest as you should or should you sugarcoat or say nothing at all? Tho these readings are pretty rare, they do ring in mind very clearly. I've had my few dealing with people who were pretty much at their wits' end, folks who I could clearly tell that there was something that they didn't want to face (tho they get a reading. Why oh?), or people who just want reassurance that crap isn't really hitting the fan when in reality it's about to head into the wind turbines.

I usually tell folks before they get a reading that I'm pretty honest so if they don't want to hear the truth, don't ask for it. However, I've been met with people who really look like they're about to fall apart right in front of me and while I want to be honest, I try to tweak it a bit if possible so they can help keep what sanity they have left. Otherwise, I being with a, "Ok, I'm not gonna lie..." and try not to be brutally honest. And I think there was only one time that I didn't say anything at all about about one's person future and flubbed it over with a much happier ending than what they were going to get. I only did that because, well, I could tell that if I told them the truth, they prolly would have tried to kill themselves. I felt they needed something to reach for and hope for, something to tide them over the really bad times. What would you do when faced with such difficulty?