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Lolita Diviners
Telling the future in frills
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Lolita_Diviners Monthly Themes
February Diviner Theme - Stones

Runes, crystals, whatever may involve solid pieces of earth (Bone counts too). Talk about your casting methods, the different kind of stones or crystals that you may have and what the may be used for. If there are strong rune readers, you can discuss the use of the Blank rune stone and if it is relevant or not to rune readings. You could also discuss what different mediums are good for runes such as bone, metal or wood.

February Discussion Theme - Love Readings

Do you do love readings and if so, for whom? It seems a lot of people ask for them so how do you go about it or what do you tell them if you don't? Also how do you break the bad news if there is any?
8th-Nov-2009 10:35 pm - EGL Divination Feedback
Okie dokie, this is basically a feedback post for the event that we did. It seemed to have turned out a success. I got through all my people with positive responses, how about everyone else? What would you like to change or keep the same? Any wacky readings or anything?
28th-Oct-2009 10:04 pm - Newbie Introduction
Hello all,

I've been watching the comm since it was mentioned on EGL back in the summer. ( Still very proud of myself for joining EGL despite the bucketfuls of horror stories). I'm new to comm, but not so much to Divination.

When I was smaller, I could read auras fairly well. Now that I'm older, it comes and goes. I'm beginning to practice with it more each day. I have five to six years of Dream Interpretation, but I feel  as though I'm still just barely scratching the surface. I'm not sure of the proper term for these, but I've been doing it for the past  two years; Reading signs in Nature and Personal Vibes ( I'm going to assume its Clairvoyance, but I'm not entirely sure).

I hope I can learn from those here and may be share what I've learned as well. May be learn that I have a calling in other Divinations, too.

Have a good holiday.

27th-Oct-2009 11:46 pm - Halloween readings
I'm going through some of my own emotional issues right now... so I'm not sure how many readings I'll be able to do.

I'll try my best, but right now is really stressful for me. I'm sorry to anyone I can't read for.

...Also, if anyone could read for ME, please PM me... I need some help but really shouldn't be reading for myself right now.
EDIT: I have opened posting up to everyone temporarily so that recipients who aren't part of the community can make comments and responses.

Hello, hello ladies and gents of EGL! We are happy to announce Lolita_Diviners very first EGL Halloween Divination. Hopefully this shall become tradition here! This is all free so don't worry about fees (as it's against the comm's rules). This event will extend from today, Oct. 25, to Halloween, Oct 31. Please also read the N.B. at the bottom for more info.

As we like to keep things confidential around here in regards to readings, we will mainly be using the PM system. Any diviner may change method of contact as she chooses, so long it is for the benefit of both.

Please do pick your diviner accordingly and PM them with your question if you have any. You can choose to do general readings if you do not have any specific questions. The number in parentheses is how many people we are willing to take. If the diviner has filled her amount of folks to take, her name will be crossed out. The diviners who have (?) by their names have an unknown amount to take and will comment here to let you all know. Feel free to personally ask tho.

Our diviners are:

kodachi148(5) Tarot,Cartomancy, Dream interpretation (no longer taking recipients)
dragonamyrilin(5) Pendulum Dowsing (yes/no questions and nothing incredibly personal)
keikokawaii(5, she would prefer it to be split up, 2 for scrying, 3 for tarot. PM for more details) Tarot, Scrying (No longer taking recipients)
nekusagi(5) Tarot, Runes
abeille_a_miel(3) Tarot

What is this?
Tarot - Most popular and recognized form of divination. This uses 78 cards to divine various spreads (methods of casting) from general readings to specfic questions as well as questions of insight (tho nearly all forms of divination covers that)
Cartomancy - Playing card version of tarot.
Runes - A divination form where the reader casts shells or stones to divine the question they've been asked. The most popular form is the Futhark Runes set.
Scrying - Using a reflected surface such as a mirror or still water to divine their questions. Takes a lot more energy than other forms of divination listed here so be patient with the reader.
Pendulum Dowsing - Using a weighted string to divine yes/no questions. Best used for energy sensing and finding things but also used for divination. Really good for simple inquries
Dream interpretation - A good peer into the mind. May not always tell the future but certainly can tell something of yourself. Good for figuring out bad habits, thought patterns or understanding yourself more.

Nota Bene:

Divination, what you may know as plain fortune telling, is a very useful tool for understanding yourself and what will happen in the future. It pulls out the most likeliest event (the future) from all that is happening around you now (the present) and how it all came about (the past). While this is a wonderful thing and anyone can learn it, I would like to stress that if you're going to be obstinate throughout the whole reading because you think this is all hokey, please refrain from getting a reading. Why? Because these girls and myself are taking time out of our personal schedules to do something really nice for someone they may not really know. This is something to appreciate because no one is getting paid for their service, this is all volunteer work. If you're unbelievably rude, the diviner has a right to refuse a reading.

Also, readings do not always take one hour or one day. We diviners have actual lives with actual commitments and time restraints. If you don't see a reading in your inbox in a day, don't fret, that's why I made this event a whole week so there's plenty of time to get about. If it is nearing Halloween/Samhain and you don't see anything yet or haven't heard from the diviner at all despite contacting attempts, let me know but otherwise, they should be getting in contact with you if your reading is going to take longer than the Oct 25-Oct 31 time specified.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand something. That's actually what this community is for! A place to ask questions, get answers and to talk about stuff. Readings should be written in plain, easy-to-understand English and the diviner shouldn't be talking like a Sphinx, in a confusing manner. If you don't understand something, then let them know. The diviners here are very nice.

Wanna Learn?
If you would like to learn this all yourself, click on the Books tag on the right. We are always updating and wishing to add so if you have any books to recommend, please do so!

I had put this in a members-only post but since it has been brought to my attention that there are lurking loli diviners who haven't joined yet, I'm making a public rehash of this suggestion of an event.

This is what I posted originally:

Hey hey, Halloween/Samhain is around the corner and I was wondering if anyone would mind doing some divination for the girls and boys of EGL for that holiday? Whatever your specialty, work it. It would get us some advertisement, make the community more active and we all could have some fun! This will be purely voluntary (meaning no one gets paid, it's in the rules on the profile) but could get in some really nice practice for some lolis who want to try their hand at this. All ppl would do is fill out an application pm'ed to me and we could get this underway! If anyone else have any ideas for this, I'd be so stoked to hear them! That and if anyone wants to create the picture advertising this on EGL, I will not stop you. ^.^

Basically, I would like for this to last a week to give people plenty of time to submit divinatory requests and responses, the week of Halloween (Oct 25 - Oct 31). We'll just put up a post on EGL to send everyone over here to the appropriate post that will be listing all the diviners that they would like to pick and choose from. It's up to you guys to give yourselves a preference of how many people you want to take, how you will divine, how you want to describe your method or form of divination (especially if it's obscure) etc etc. I really think this would be a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Keep in mind to choose your best talents and to keep your head. If your strong suits are weather reading and omens but you suck at runes, stick with the weather readings and omens. Being shaky can rattle confidence and in turn, may give a bad reading that could have been perfect. I say "keep your head" as well because you may run into one major staunch skeptic, a cling-on person or have a really bad reading. That's ok as it hits everyone at some point but if you have any issues, post them here (Friends-lock it tho) - I may create a F-locked post for people to comment in for that purpose, actually -, or PM/email me your issues.

Who's up for this?

If interested, just comment here and PM me:

E-mail address:
Form of divination: (dream interpretation, tarot, candle divination, etc)

For those who have never read before for someone, or at least not over the internet, you can use me as your tester client so you can see how you function before doing the real thing. PM or comment if you would like to try that. If you want tips or tricks of how to get over the first-time jitters or anything, lemme know.
22nd-Sep-2009 07:19 pm - Introduction & Astrology Question
Name: Haila
Where you are From: Texas!
Age: 20
What kind of lolita are you: classic, gothic, "old school" sweet,  I also wear retro
Experience: Ive read tarot for... years, I read the Thoth, and I know I guess the basics of astrology, I can interpret natal charts, I dont know anything about astrological forecasting (is that anywhere near correct? whats a better term?) which leads me to my question:

What website would you recommend for daily horoscopes and the like? Im looking for something that doesnt just give advice but rather tells you what the planets are doing and what it means, so I can actually learn as well.
pink/blue loli
Name: Sakura(online) Stormy(rl)
Where you are From: Louisiana
Age: 25
What kind of lolita are you: sweet, kinda classic, and gothic
what do you like: CUPCAAAAAKES
What form of divination or skills do you know or want to learn: i typically read tarot cards, burn candles, and i still haven't gotten drowsing down yet D:, and i also have preminitions and see things in my dreams.
How long have you been doing divination or your skill: dreams and preminitions my whole life, tarot, candles and drowsing for about 7 years.

now I normally wouldn't need to ask for outside help when it comes to divining but i'm definatly in a pickle! for almost a year now i have been without my tarot cards, my books, and anything wiccan/pagan related(they are all in storage across town)! i'm currently residing in my mother in laws house and she's catholic! which isn't a bad thing with us she knows what i am but it's my husband who won't let me do anything because we're in her house! granted her rules i can't even burn candles even if i wasn't doing anything to them D: so my life is getting a big topsey turvy the past couple of weeks and i can't "SEE" anything about it D: my work, love life, and everything is just out of my hands and it's driving me nuts! i'm normally really dream oriented but now even those are messing with me! i think it's laughing at me or something D:

so here's why i'm posting(and if this isn't appropriate just delete). is there any of you lovely ladies(or any men that might be lurking! lol)that can kinda dip into what's going on in my life and help me out?? i think it's time i did turn to outside help because i just can't do it. D: what's a witch to do!? lol.

if anyone is up to the task you can either post here, pm me or email me at sakurasakka at hotmail.com i'm very interested to see if anyone can do this through the internet as well XD i've never gotten that good. lol

Thank you in advance for anything you can help me with! if you need more info let me know
16th-Aug-2009 11:49 pm - Loli dowser introduction
Hi everyone,
I'm Mim and I live in England.
I wear mainly gothic and sweet lolita with some classic, hime, pirate and arisocrat;
and I dowse.
I mainly use pendulums, I have a crystal one which I've used for a year which I can get a strong response from; and its never been wrong with predicting when parcels will arrive or if I will get hit with customs fees!
I've yet to try using charts, part of my plan for this year is to start with them for more detailed answers.
I actualy started dowsing when my parents bought me one as a present from a holiday, My mum gave me it and said "I think it is somthing to do with witchcraft", so I looked it up and started form there.
I got given a rose quartz one as a present the other day and I've yet to have a go with it.

I have a pair of rods as well but I don't use them alot as I have trouble keeping them level.

I do have a set of tarrot cards too, I mainly got them as the art was done by my favorite fantasy artist and I realy don't know how to use them.

Theres also a long history of spiritualists and mediums in the family.
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