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Lolitas who practice divination, metaphysics and psychism

This community is for those who are part of the Lolita style and practices/want to learn/refine their divination, metaphysical or Pagan practices, regardless what it is. We take em all big and small, well-known or not. The rules of this Lolita site is no different from the next with minor changes:

Photobucket Be lady like (or if you are a guy, a gentleman)

No rudeness and no cursing. Severely out-of-control posts will be removed.

Photobucket No religious preaching or bashing.

If you feel this community should be condemned for our Satanic and bad ways, take it elsewhere. We can firmly assure you there's none here but still, no one wants to hear it. All that's here is frills and cards pretty much. Or even better, take your issues up to the moderator. I would love to hear what your case is and have an open minded discussion with you about everything. Honest.

PhotobucketMust be either Lolita or Divination related.

I'll allow small vents and things of the sort because divination is looking at actual life situations and let's face it, life sometimes doesn't pan out how we want to or as we see it. Bigger stuff will have to go to your journal or a trusted person you can talk to. But if you're venting about the stresses of being a diviner, practicing an alternative faith or your parents hate lolita and the hidden tarot cards in your petticoat is just the icing on the cake for you to get kicked out, that's tolerable.

PhotobucketIf you're feeling very crass and you must sass either style of divination or clothes, I'll be the one who has the word last.

This isn't a Lolita fashion community but if I see the same snark that I see there, I will not tolerate it under any conditions. I'll give warnings and might remove posts but repeat offenders will get the boot.


Some of you may get pulled up for reading and if so, please keep that between you and the person you're reading for. Even if the situation isn't that important to you, it's important enough to them to ask for someone's trusted help, namely yours. If you're having difficulties with the readings or too scared, ask the person you're reading for if you can get outside help. Contact me if you have issues but if you got someone better in mind, use them.

PhotobucketNo charging.

I don't believe a diviner should charge for a gift that they have. That's like your friends charging you for advice, be it good or bad. Greed can corrode talent with utter quickness and silence. Plus it can create a whole lot of problems for everyone involved on this site. If you charge, do it on your own site but there will be no greasing of the palms or passing of the hands on this one.

These are the basic grounds that I and every one else will be holding each other to. Remarkable violation of these rules will lead to termination of membership. Small violations will lead to warnings and possible removal of posts.

If you want to get together Meet-Ups, I'm not going to stop you. I would refer you check out the lolita_handbook if you want to know how.

For introductions, these aren't mandatory but useful!

Name: (Web, real or both)
Where you are From:
Age: (Optional)
What kind of lolita are you:
what do you like:
What form of divination or skills do you know or want to learn:
How long have you been doing divination or your skill: (Don't bother posting if you're new to the whole thing)

And that's it pretty much. This is new and a response to a post someone made in egl for Fortune Telling Lolitas and there will be expanding to add metaphysics, psychism and other alterative beliefs so there will be much tinkering from me but you may tell me if there's anything wrong or whatever. Thankies and have fun!